MLB Nears 10 Years Without a Perfect Game

The San Francisco Giants were playing their own game, just down the steps from the home clubhouse at Oracle Park, but Carlos Rodón and some of his teammates stayed inside. Down the coast, Clayton Kershaw was working on a perfect game for the Los Angeles Dodgers. History was streaming through a laptop. At least there … Read more

Vin Scully Was Los Angeles

He was Venice Beach, Pink’s hot-dog stand and the Hollywood Bowl all rolled into one. He was Los Angeles, the sound of summer, the poet laureate of the Dodgers — Brooklyn and Los Angeles — for 67 seasons. We knew Vin Scully wasn’t going to last forever. It only seemed as if he could. Even … Read more

Vin Scully Helped California Baseball Take Root

At the end of the 1957 baseball season, Brooklyn Dodgers management packed up for a long-threatened move across the continent. Into the hypothetical moving trunks went the home uniforms saying “Dodgers” across the front, the creaky old heroes of Flatbush and much of the front office, plus Manager Walter Alston and his promising young players. … Read more

Jacob deGrom Is Sharp for Mets in Return From Injury

WASHINGTON — Some of the best players in baseball changed teams over the past few days, including Juan Soto, the talented young slugger who was traded from the Washington Nationals to the San Diego Padres before Major League Baseball’s trade deadline on Tuesday. The Mets made a few trades of their own, but only to … Read more

Deal or No Deal, Yankees’ Bullpen Will Evolve

Change is inevitable over the course of a major league schedule. With 162 games on the docket — not counting spring training or the playoffs — it’s impossible for things to stay the same. Faces come and go, injuries disrupt things and roles are reassigned. Every team deals with it to some degree, knowing full … Read more